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The Future Of Capital Equipment


The growth of construction equipment has been mentioned to be a slow one in the past century. The integration of technology to manual labor and construction customs had been slow to unfold. Even in today’s generation which conform the necessity of technology in each and every workforce, system and daily operations, construction projects in both developed and developing countries around the globe has been reliant still in manual labor and customary machineries to finish the job.


In a survey conducted by Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital construction equipment, to its local and foreign partners in both its offices in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia, both manufacturers and clients perceive construction industry to remain almost exactly the same in the next 3 years.


In reviews, the physical needs to perform construction work have not changed very much. The work to be done can be different in every project but the task to be performed may more or less remain the same.  


Development and evolution of heavy construction equipment is predictable in many ways. If we need bigger, we create bigger since there seems to be nothing impossible in today’s manufacturers. If we need something new, we build it. Tempered by economic reality, equipment will be refined with necessity driving the design and development just as it has in the beginning.


It is also interesting to note that some equipment such as those with the primary task to excavating, earthmoving and lifting mechanicals principles incorporated into today’s design will probably not change that much in the future. Perhaps, earthmoving would develop to include surface materials from other planets but with the pace of invention to bring more equipment in space is vague and not as definite as the next man to be sent to the moon so it will probably take time to materialize.


On the other hand, the work environment, power source and operator may undergo drastic change to something that we do not imagine or not yet discovered. Further warnings on the capacity of man to build something out of machineries and develop a powerful tool for either the development or the destruction of the industry are being watched out for.


Notable changes in the development include the incorporation of computer technology and control system in each equipment design and use. This will surely able to develop in the next few years.


One thing is as sure though, as long as there is a big assemblage in the surface, there will be a need for heavy construction equipment.